“It seems to me that after someone sweeps across your life like a red-hot flame, peeling back the shutters that sat over your heart and your mind and setting free your sweetest dreams or your worst nightmares, after things cool down you’ve got two choices. You can either slip back into your old self, your old life, tucking those things you were too scared to look at back into hiding, or you can keep those parts of yourself out until you get so used to them that they don’t scare you anymore and they just become a part of who you are.” ~ Sandra Kring

“It seems to me that af…


What love looks like… :-)

What love looks like... :-)

I don’t usually post photos of family members here on this blog, although there are just a few tucked here and there between the many flower photos. But I took this photo of my granddaughter, Katie, today…and she seems in this photo to be such a perfect representation of what love looks like. Four years old, perpetually cute, arms outstretched, a heart brimming to overflowing with sweetness and love, full of life and sunshine. Lovely little Katie… 🙂