Yes, we are all part of this human story…thanks to Francesca, once again, for her brilliant writing.


It’s raining this morning. We woke up to bad news. Terrible, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching news.

And like all bad news, I’ve had to sit with it for a while before attempting to speak. My thoughts are always a little delayed. “This is so sad,” becomes “no really, this is SO sad” which eventually becomes “no really, this is devastatingly tragic.” I feel it instantly, but it takes longer to find the words. I am glad to have the day off.

What I want to say has already been said – my heart goes out to the victims, to their families, to everyone who woke up this morning and couldn’t find words. I feel the weight of our mutual sadness. I’m so sorry for all that’s been lost. There are no words that can help ease that pain.

But what I also want to say is that I have feelings about what…

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Words of love from a gifted writer… 🙂


For our last month of our senior year, undoubtedly certain we would have lost interest in classrooms, our high school had us intern at a place of our choosing. I decided to spend my month at a preschool, which seemed like a natural fit at the time, and makes even more sense now that it’s become my job.

It was my preschool, where I had spent my earliest years, and I loved – even then – the idea that my education had come full circle that way. I have always been a romantic. The poetic nature of time was not lost on me.

On the playground, I was the pusher of swings. I’d pull back and let go and watch little bodies lift higher and higher. “To the moon!” They would yell. We made up stories about the adventures they would have, about all they would see and do and…

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Another amazing piece of writing by Francesca Zelnick… 🙂


Thousands of people in the world die every day, which is one good reason – but not the only one – to say “I love you.” It is painful to lose someone to death. It can be even more painful to lose them to life, to feel them slowly slipping away, to watch them fade into shadows.

One day you let go of my hand and got swept up in the crowd. I watched more and more people come between us. I reached out for you. I called out for you. But I couldn’t get through.

And then I lost you. You were lost. And I was lost. And we lost each other.

And I hated myself for not being able to find you. And I hated you for disappearing. And I hated that we could live in a world where it was so easy to lose someone. And I…

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Another beautiful story from Francesca Zelnick… 🙂


For thousands of years, people fought for you. They stood up for you. They worked hard for a future they would never see. They helped build your present. They were kind for you and they were tough for you. They survived for you and they died for you. They had children for you. And then their children had children for you. And on and on and on, until there was a you. You – the living, breathing result of thousands of years of love.

You can’t imagine what it took to create you. It was so much more than a mother and father. It was more, even, than all of your ancestors combined. It was millions of moments and choices and circumstances. You exist because of all that came before you.

There is a light inside of you that is ancient and nameless. It is the shining story of the…

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A truly gifted writer… 🙂


On the last day of earth, people rose early. There was so much work to be done. Phone calls were made. Important sentiments were expressed. A new record was set for daily kisses.

No one went into the office. All businesses were closed. All eyes and ears and arms stayed open.

Some remained inside, cleaning their homes, returning everything back to its proper place.

Some poured themselves into the streets, shouting and laughing and roaring with life.

Some stayed quiet, pensive, breathing in the end of sweetness.

Some held strangers.

Some held animals.

Some held objects.

Some held the hands of their loved ones, all day, waiting.

People relaxed into their grief and made room for acceptance. The birds sang wildly of every beautiful thing. The dogs howled madly at invisible moons. The grass continued to grow. It was the opposite of disappearing.

“Now” whispered the wind.

The earth trembled…

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