Awakening to our Destiny

Beautiful words from a beautiful heart… 🙂

A Leaf in Springtime

“With the utmost joy and gladness, serve ye the human world, and love ye the human race…Wherefore, rest ye not, be it for an instant; seek ye not a minute’s respite nor a moment’s repose. Surge ye even as the billows of a mighty sea, and roar like unto the leviathan of the ocean of eternity.” ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá


In our most quiet moments, each of us yearn for our lives to count for something more. To make a difference. To probe for a deeper significance in life. To discover the clarity of our destiny.

We are each born with a destiny to fulfill. The fulfillment of it as unique as each bud that unfurls. Each star that burns. Each snowflake that falls. And yet, it is a destiny beyond our mere selves.

It is a destiny that ultimately ties us to each other. To one great common purpose. Embedded into the fabric of our…

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2 thoughts on “Awakening to our Destiny

  1. Dear Carol,
    Sometimes I find it difficult to find the words to share how my heart has been touched by kindness. This is one of those times. I thank you so much. Sharon

    • Carol Welsh says:

      Sharon – You possess a gift of being able to write words that are so gentle and yet so incredibly powerful at the same time. Your words need to be read…and I am grateful that I was able to share such insight and beauty. Much love to you my friend. 🙂

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