WordPress is strange today.  Why are people seeing IMG_0317 today, when it was posted waaaaay back in March 2012?  And it didn’t even have the title IMG_0317 back then.  I didn’t do anything!  Oh well…I’ve learned not to question some strange WordPress things, because tomorrow it’ll be something different.  🙂

6 thoughts on “

  1. Sandy Sue says:

    So true. And if you click “help” and ask about it, you will (maybe) get an answer in a week.

  2. Susan Bahr says:

    It got very glitchy for me, too. Now I have problems loading my readers – there are a few sights that I can’t access at all. Wonder if there’s a problem with a satellite somewhere.

  3. What that means is that someone, maybe even lots of people, found the post into which that picture is embedded. They clicked on the picture.

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