Some People Like Poetry

Some people—
that means not everyone.
Not even most of them, only a few.
Not counting school, where you have to,
and poets themselves,
you might end up with two per thousand.

but then, you can like chicken noodle soup,
or compliments, or the color blue,
your old scarf,
your own way,
petting the dog.

but what is poetry, anyway?
More than one rickety answer
has tumbled since that question first was raised.
But I just keep on not knowing, and I cling to that
like a redemptive handrail.

~~ Wislawa Szymborska ~~


8 thoughts on “Some People Like Poetry

  1. Jim says:

    Growing up in the rural area of northern California, poetry was not something that we read about except for maybe Robert Frost.
    It is only when I began to struggle with the meaning of my life that I began to find poetry, in reality the metaphor, as being one of the better tools for me to understand what it is that I am doing here.
    Rumi’s, “Loves Confusing Joy,” was the perfect phrase for me to use as the thesis for the eulogy I gave at my dad’s funeral. DH Lawrence’s “The Healing,” expresses the dis-ease of my culture better than any other writing I’ve seen.
    So this educated country boy has found poetry to be vital in my life.
    Thanks Carol

  2. gigoid says:

    😆 Sounds like me, all over! Nice find and share, milady….

  3. I enjoyed this poem! Poetry varies from each other much like flowers – some have a heady fragrance and some are subtle. I enjoy them all – as long as they are respectful. 🙂

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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