Speak Easy

Speak easy to my mind in whispers
that level fear and consume regret and
transform judgments into nothingness,
and spaciousness
and room to breathe.
Speak holy words that heal my wounds
and break down walls of separation
and isolation
and carry me to sacred shores
where peace lives.
Speak easy to my ears
a soft symphony of sounds that
moves my heart and soften
bones, my hands, my flesh, my mouth.
Speak of gentleness
for every night I hear stories of war
and affiliation and winning
and payback
and I am so confused.
Speak holy words of love and forgiveness
and strength and bravery
and I will sit with you and listen for as long as it takes
to hear you.
I am so grateful.
Speak easy to my eyes with your eyes
for what you see will meet your expectations.
Goodness prevails and grows
if you are willing to meet me halfway
I promise I will see you back.
Speak holy words of redemption and reflection
that pierce this long night
of remembering,
and you will see your own reflection in my eyes
as I see yours in mine.
It’s still a mystery…
Please speak easy…
~~ Marylou Falstreau ~~

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