My friend, Ned…who was kind enough to include one of my photos in his post for today…and who is one of the smartest people I know, as well as a wonderful poet. His poems are always tucked within his posts of ranting, rambling, inspiration, pearls of wisdom, just plain great writing. 🙂


These Pearls present me with a daily conundrum, which, most simply stated, is this: how to keep things fresh and new, without making myself sick, or bow in submission to cuteness, which I swear to you I will never do, deliberately….. You can be sure, if you see cute here, it is imported, or someone was holding me at gunpoint….. But, that leaves me with how to draw the reader in every day, without getting too crazy about it…. How’m I doing so far?…..

I know, today doesn’t count, because the subject itself is the focus of discussion; it shouldn’t count, if for no other reason than being too obvious a choice. Obvious isn’t any better than cute…. Nonetheless, one can only ramble incoherently so long on any subject, and this one doesn’t have a lot of meat on its bones, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Also, it is…

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