7 thoughts on “Rose Center

  1. autumninbruges says:

    So delicate and beautiful..

  2. I’ve been on a kick lately, taking photos of roses, single ones from different angles, different backgrounds, at different stages of growth from bud to full bloom. I love yours–like getting lost in a labyrinth, folding you toward the center.

    • Carol Welsh says:

      Yes…it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of a rose. Thanks for understanding that!

      • Beautiful my Mom make frosting one that look this pretty too Love the soft pink.

        I knew I forgot to tell you something. I was going up to Maine to a place with so many beautiful flowers and plants Botanical Garden type place and the said right on their website photos were for me only to enjoy (ones I would have taken)and could not be shared or used in a way in a public format even after paying entry fee. So I didn’t go 😦

        Funny as my photos would never show where I was at just putting the flowers on a stage for all to see.

        You ever run across that Carol?


      • Carol Welsh says:

        Eunice – No, I haven’t run into that…but the main reason is probably that nearly all the flowers I photograph were either in my own garden, given to me, or bought by me. Even though I would love to travel to different places to see and photograph nature, most of my photographs are taken right at home. 🙂

      • Ok yes I have a fair share spring and summer then colorful leaves come fall oh and that nasty snow for winter but we travel so much I must look for PUBLIC ones they say in Boston where they did away with the OTHER GREEN MONSTER(upper and lower deck of a downtown bridge they place the Rose Kennedy Gardens in a green space there I must go see what they have next spring 🙂 Maine is typically laid back folk this really stopped me in my tracks lol live and learn another reason to place an English Garden near my Vegetable Garden and Perennial filled berm so I am never without something beautiful to capture here.


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