“The forest is not merely an expression or representation of sacredness, nor a place to invoke the sacred; the forest is sacredness itself. Nature is not merely created by God, nature is God. Whoever moves within the forest can partake directly of sacredness, experience sacredness with his entire body, breath sacredness and contain it within himself, drink the sacred water as a living communion, bury his feet in sacredness, open his eyes and witness the burning beauty of sacredness.” ~ Richard Nelson

“The forest is not merel…

5 thoughts on ““The forest is not merel…

  1. FeyGirl says:

    I loooooove this quote. ♥✿♥

  2. LizEccentric7 says:

    Love the quote. Just wrote a sad story about the trees in my county and many other states, never thought I could almost cry over trees….

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