What love looks like… :-)

What love looks like... :-)

I don’t usually post photos of family members here on this blog, although there are just a few tucked here and there between the many flower photos. But I took this photo of my granddaughter, Katie, today…and she seems in this photo to be such a perfect representation of what love looks like. Four years old, perpetually cute, arms outstretched, a heart brimming to overflowing with sweetness and love, full of life and sunshine. Lovely little Katie… πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “What love looks like… :-)

  1. tripodtrippin says:

    She’s lovely and looks so happy. πŸ™‚

  2. She is perfectly gorgeous!! And I had no idea you had a granddaughter Carol! That makes you a very special person in my book. Hugs, Sharon

    • Carol Welsh says:

      I have three grown children (the last one just graduated from high school on June 8th)…and two young grandchildren. I love them all more than words could ever really express. I know that you know that kind of love Sharon. Thank you dear friend!

  3. Diane Turner says:

    What a sparkly little jewel this one is! Lucky you.

  4. Deb Platt says:

    What an adorable, little girl! And what a blessing to have her and her love in your life.

  5. another flower full of blessings like you seem to be … flower lovers are lovers of the spirit that lives in and grows form the heart because the spirit has the same forms, fragrance and radiance as the flowers. Some say they – the flowers – are representations of the virtues of the soul and I do believe that. Everything is alive!

  6. Verna says:

    Beautiful little girl, your granddaughter – we are so lucky to these little people – I have 7 grandchildren and 3 + greats. love them to pieces, like I love my flowers!!!

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