Very definitely…beauty amidst beauty.

Very amidst beauty.

Thanks to my oldest son for these flowers, which are tucked into a large bouquet. They look like they’re a part of the hydrangea family of flowers, but I’m not sure. Beauty amidst a lot of beauty. 🙂 A celebration is approaching, for me, and my children know the way to my heart…love and flowers.

5 thoughts on “Very definitely…beauty amidst beauty.

  1. Diane Turner says:

    Beautiful, but are they green or white?

  2. They look a lot like Lenten Rose. But I don’t think those are good cut flowers (plus, they’re a very early spring flower), so couldn’t be…

    • Carol Welsh says:

      Jamie, they’re mixed in with a big variety of other flowers, just kind of tucked into the background. They’re beautiful and a pale green, and just kind of add something very special to the bouquet. By the way…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY FRIEND!!! 🙂

    • Carol Welsh says:

      A little bit early, I know…but I don’t usually see you here on this blog. I’ve gotta catch you while I can.

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