Another amazing piece of writing by Francesca Zelnick… 🙂


Thousands of people in the world die every day, which is one good reason – but not the only one – to say “I love you.” It is painful to lose someone to death. It can be even more painful to lose them to life, to feel them slowly slipping away, to watch them fade into shadows.

One day you let go of my hand and got swept up in the crowd. I watched more and more people come between us. I reached out for you. I called out for you. But I couldn’t get through.

And then I lost you. You were lost. And I was lost. And we lost each other.

And I hated myself for not being able to find you. And I hated you for disappearing. And I hated that we could live in a world where it was so easy to lose someone. And I…

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  1. Thank you, my friend. xox

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