Another beautiful story from Francesca Zelnick… 🙂


For thousands of years, people fought for you. They stood up for you. They worked hard for a future they would never see. They helped build your present. They were kind for you and they were tough for you. They survived for you and they died for you. They had children for you. And then their children had children for you. And on and on and on, until there was a you. You – the living, breathing result of thousands of years of love.

You can’t imagine what it took to create you. It was so much more than a mother and father. It was more, even, than all of your ancestors combined. It was millions of moments and choices and circumstances. You exist because of all that came before you.

There is a light inside of you that is ancient and nameless. It is the shining story of the…

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  1. onelifethislife says:

    This a very powerful and motivating post that was so wonderfully written. Thank you for putting this out there for the world to read, enjoy and live!!

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