I was nominated for two awards yesterday! What few people know is that it was also my birthday yesterday, so it was like receiving two unexpected gifts on one special day. I’m truly grateful. What most of you DO know is that I’m not very good at following the rules of the awards. I’m unable to choose favorite blogs because I love so many that I follow. However, I would still like to acknowledge the kindness of the people who nominated me. And I can at least say that if someone was to pin me down, tie me to the railroad tracks, and say, “Choose or else!” ~ these two bloggers really would be on the favorites list. 🙂
I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Eva Konzialkiewicz at EK Photography & Art. Eva is a wonderful photographer and artist. Please take a look at her work! And thank you Eva!!!
I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by Arjuna at The Wondrous Dharma. Arjuna’s blog is filled with inspiration and beautiful posts about the goodness of life. Please take a look! And thank you Arjuna!!!