A Dance of Two Poppies

A Dance of Two Poppies

A dance of two poppies…yes, that’s what it looks like to me. These two poppies have been sharing the same vase upon my desktop for a few days now and I’ve had the chance to watch them as they stand straighter and straighter each day, spreading their petals as far as they possibly can. It’s been very interesting to me that the pink poppy curved its stem at the bottom as it moved upward, seeming to make sure that the orange poppy’s petals would not be touched or bothered or ruffled in any way. There is just enough space between the two. All I can say, in my ever dramatic manner of writing (and which is why I leave the writing most of the time to the writers out there)…if two poppies sharing the same vase can be so respectful of each other, and dance the perfect dance, why can’t we, as humans, treat each other with such respectfulness and grace? 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Dance of Two Poppies

  1. Excellent thought indeed! Your blog is beautiful. D.

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