“Man’s destiny was to conquer and rule the world, and this is what he’s done ~ almost. He hasn’t quite made it, and it looks as though this may be his undoing. The problem is that man’s conquest of the world has itself devastated the world. And in spite of all the mastery we’ve attained, we don’t have enough mastery to stop devastating the world ~ or to repair the devastation we’ve already wrought.” ~ Daniel Quinn

“Man’s destiny was to …

One thought on ““Man’s destiny was to …

  1. Carol Welsh says:

    This is from the book “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn. I’m wondering how it is that I haven’t read this book before, in all my years of living on this earth. Someone who knows how I feel about animals and nature recommended it to me. This quote is being spoken in conversation with the gorilla, Ishmael. If animals could really talk, I wonder what they would be telling us?

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